Submitting Material Declarations

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MBG asks that Suppliers provide Material Declarations in the form of IPC 1752A XML, PDF or XDP file. While suppliers can use any tool to generate these files, MBG recommends the use of the IPC Creator tool to generate your Material Declarations. Detailed training material for the IPC Creator tool is available


Any valid IPC 1752A Class D (homogeneous material) declaration generated from another tool is also acceptable. MGB also accepts Material Declarations in the form of IPC 1752-2  XML, PDF or XDP


These forms do not support the new RoHS exemptions, and do not support the use of multiple exemptions


  1. As noted above, files should be submitted in XML, XDP or PDF format only. Files should be submitted to the email address

  2. Any Material Declarations received which contain errors will generate an email back to the Supplier. Contained in the email will be a list of any and all errors encountered when the file was received. Explanations of all errors can be viewed in the related Error Code spreadsheet and Error Code spreadsheet in Chinese

  3. Supporting Information and the FAQ is available on the Motorola Mobility Material Disclosure website

  4. File Formats for MGB:

    1. Naming Documents:

      Supporting Document Type

      Document Title

      MSDS or IP form

      raw material manufacturer name _ material trade name

      ODM BOM


      Test report

      EN1811_MIN; ASTM_MIN; ROHS_MIN, etc

      Waiver email: saved as PDF file



    2. Control for Supporting Documents
      Materials naming - For materials needing supporting documents, the material name must include the information below:

      • MSDS, IP form: raw material manufacturer name_material trade name

      • Test Report: EN1811_MIN; ROHS_MIN, etc

      • Waiver email: Waiver_MIN

      • See examples below:

        Supporting Document

        Homogeneous Material


        No supporting document

        Location_Component_Material name


        MSDS or IP Form

        Location_Component_Material name [raw material manufacturer name_material trade name]

        FH_Ni_Plating_[Ablebond 9830]

        Test report

        Location_Component_Material name [EN1811/ASTM/other test name_MIN]



        Waiver email

        Location_Component_Material name [Waiver_MIN]

        FH_Ni-Plating [Waiver_0100000000];

    3. Naming subparts - If the component is under the third or fourth level subpart, the subparts name needs to include the part tree structure
      Example: fronghousing_speaker_mesh_meshadhesive

    4. File Naming Conventions for Material Declaration files. All files must contain the phrase “1752A” along "MD"

      • Example for Mobile Devices business:


        • 1752A_MD_0114984A01W_CTS CORP _B99_169995.xml